CITREX Vitamin C 100mg Orange & Blackcurrant

Let the kids grow: worry-free!

Meeting daily requirements of Vitamin C could be challenging for the growing kids. Yet, it is very much needed to support growth at their most crucial life stage.

Why Do Kids Need Vitamin C?
Vitamin C is beneficial to prevent children from catching common cold and cough. Vitamin C also helps to reduce duration of flu. Apart from that, it is a potent antioxidant which protects body cells from the damage caused by unstable molecules known as free radicals. 

Vitamin C is a very important nutrients that can’t be produced by the body. It must be taken from diet mostly through intake of foods and vegetables. 

However, some parents might have picky-eater kids that treat foods as their enemies! But don’t worry! It is their unique way to explore the world. Kids need time to accept different food and flavors. 

In between that, let us make sure they get their daily requirement for Vitamin C through Citrex Vitamin C 100mg.

Product Information

Citrex Vit C 100mg is specially formulated for children to achieve their daily vitamin C need for overall wellness.

Each Citrex Vitamin C 100mg chewable contains 100m g of Vitamin C, and it is available in 2 interesting flavours of orange and blackcurrant.

Direction for use

1 tablet, one to three times daily


Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Ascorbate, Vitamin C (100mg)

What makes Citrex Vitamin C 100mg the best choice for your kids?

Safe & affordable

Chewable form

No added sugar, preservative, artificial flavouring & colouring

Vitamin C for your children

Also suitable for a caretaker who uses vitamin supplementation to boost the immunity, growth & overall health of a child.