Sharpen your mind

For Optimum Cognitive Performance Specially Design For Students, Stressful Executives & Ageing Seniors

Citrex Memoria™ is an orange flavor instant memory booster drink formulated with an unique combination of memory booster herbs. The active ingredients of Memoria™ such as French Technology the well-known memory enhancer – American Ginseng Cereboost™ and the powerful cognitive enhancer for people of all ages – Bacopa BacoMind® and Vitamin C that is designed to improve your memory, mood, concentration and cognitive processes.

Product Format
Citrex Memoria™ is ready-to-drink anytime.

50ml orange flavour instant drink X 6 bottles


  • American Ginseng extract Cereboost® 200mg
  • Bacopa extract BacoMind® 100mg
  • Vitamin C 50mg

Instant Memory Booster

Citrex Memoria™ is a functional food product. All the ingredients used are natural, well-recognized, backed by proven scientifi researches to provide cognitive support for adults and teenagers. It is safe for regular consumption and without any known side effects.