stop snoring at the source

Citrex Asonor nasal spray effectively removes the cause of snoring. It is an easy to use nasal spray that lubricates and softens the soft tissue structures and lightly tightens the musculature of the throat so that breathing is easier, and snoring is reduced or stopped. Citrex Asonor uses a specially designed nasal delivery system that places the solution at the back of the throat.


  • Offers relief from the cause of snoring
  • Immediate effect
  • Last throughout the night
  • Easy to use nasal spray
  • Specially design nasal delivery system.
  • Clinically proven as world best anti-snoring treatment.

Direction of use
Daily just before bedtime
– Bend your head backwards as you prefer Pump 4 to 6 times in each nostril
– Feel the solution in the back of the throat
– Avoid drinking and eating after taking Asonor
– 30 ml is sufficient for approx. one month of daily use.

Each 30ml bottle of Citrex Asonor consists of

    • Polysorbate 80
    • Glycerol 85%
    • Sodium Chloride
    • Potassium sorbate (preservative)
    • Edetate sodium
    • Highly purified water

Stop snoring with Citrex Asonor

Snore less, sleep better.