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Making breathing
easier and safer

Aspirator with 3 x Anti-microbial Filters
20 x Aspirator Refills

Comes with

Baby Nadif Aspirator contains:
– 1 Anatomical aspiration moutpiece
– 1 Flexible tube
– 1 Base with grip
– 3 Soft disposable tips

Direction of Use

1) Wash hands before using.
2) Connect the flexible tip to the grip.
3) Rest the edge of the tip in the baby’s nostril.
4) Suck regularly through the mouthpiece until baby’s nose is cleared.
5) Repeat in the other nostril.
6) Remove the soft tip and insert a new one.
7) To make aspiration easier, dampen the nose with physiological solution.

Suitable for

Parents who are seeking for safe nasal aspirator for their kids.

Infants are too young to blow their own nose. Thus, whenever flu hits,

they will end up with a congested nose and consequently, difficulties in breathing, feeding and sleeping.



With product safety as our priority, Baby Nadif Aspirator is designed with medical grade BPA-Free material



Paired with the anti-microbial nano-silver filter which can significantly reduce the risk of cross infection.

What makes Baby Nadif Aspirator the best nasal aspirator for your baby?

Patented silver-containing filter with anti-microbial function.

Flexible disposable tips.

Comes with a convenient carrying case.